Activities in Mont Ventoux

Our cellar stands at the foot of Mont Ventoux, in the heart of a region boasting an abundance of geographical diversities and hence a great many sporting activities:

The summit of Mont Ventoux:

A once in a lifetime experience! You’ll feel as if you’re caught between two worlds, one, the typical mountain atmosphere of the North face and the more “Provencal” South face.
Here’s the exercise: Climb to the top of Mont Ventoux and aim for the highest observation point, located above the Ventoux souvenir shop (Magasin Souvenir du Ventoux), one of our local partners (see the “Partners” page).

Once you’ve reached this point, stand facing the Alps, to the East: then simply turn your head to the left or to the right to change region and geography in a glance. The view is truly breathtaking, if not totally disorientating.

Skiing :

No, you’re not dreaming, skiing is indeed possible in Provence. Meet you at the foot of the pistes in a few minutes.

North face of Mont Ventoux :

This face boasts a real mountain atmosphere because it faces north and also due to its proximity with other neighbouring mountains.
You’ll also find the Mont Ventoux snow report .

South face of Mont Ventoux :

With your feet in the snow and your view of magnificent Provence, with its softened reliefs and more “Provencal” atmosphere.
This is perhaps where a “change of scenery” takes on its full meaning, because in addition to having your feet in snow, you’ll be facing beautiful Provence, with its softened reliefs and a more of a “Provencal” atmosphere.

Hunting :

One of our region’s most popular sports, here are the details of our local hunting society for more information:
Société de chasse « LE VENTOUX »
Mairie de Bedoin
84410 BEDOIN
Tél : +33 (0)6 24 03 76 24
Président :Denis Rasselet

For more of an overview, visit the Federation de Chasse web site :

Fishing :

There are so many places to fish here. For more information on this very popular pastime, contact :

Cycling :

Truly a cycling heaven, especially with Mont Ventoux, there are many bicycle-related shops in the region, including our partner "Cyclo Shop".

Advice to enthusiasts intent on taking on Mont Ventoux on calf-power alone: don’t take the ascent lightly, you’ll need a good dose of humility and courage if you want to come out unscathed.

Cyclo Shop
Le cours
84410 Bedoin
+33 (0)4 90 65 94 53

Hiking :

Locals often say that life just isn’t long enough to discover all the hiking trails our region has to offer. So, to sample them or explore your many options, consult :

Discover the many wonderful Ochre sites particularly featuring the large boulder-capped rock and alluvium columns, better known as the “Demoiselles Coiffées”.

Bedoin tourist office :

The Bedoin tourist office is the perfect place to go should you require any information about Bedoin :

VMV  Vignerons du Mont Ventoux
620, Route de Carpentras 84410 BEDOIN

Tél. : + 33 (0) 490 12 88 09
Fax. : + 33 (0) 490 65 64 43

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